Solid Butters line – Body

Five perfumed wonders that will enchant all skin types! Compact, coloured and totally Zero Waste to pamper the body, and not only, in the sweetest and most sustainable way possible!


PINK MOON – Shimmer Butter: a sparkling moon in the palm of your hand!

KEEP CALM – Soothing solid Butter: a sun that will take care even of the most sensitive skin!

EVEREST – Regenerating solid Butter: a mountain breeze to refresh even the most tired skin!

UP! – Invigorating solid Butter: the pinch of energy your skin has been waiting for!

COCCOLA – Nourishing solid Butter: a warm embrace, perfect for skins eager for nourishment!


A bio concentrate of hydration!

The ‘concentrated’ formulation of our colourful solid butters allows us to take care of our skin while respecting the environment and eliminating unnecessary packaging. Small size does not mean less product: an 80 ml solid butter is equivalent in quantity and duration to a traditional 250 ml body cream!


A completely sustainable pack!

We have decided to pack our powerful solid butters in a 100% plastic-free package! The concentrated format has allowed us to place each solid cream in a colourful FSC-certified recycled cardboard box. As further protection, we have decided to wrap each butter in a 100% biodegradable corn starch bag!