Soap bars

Handmade with love, local ingredients, organic and fair

Our soaps are handmade, just like it was in the past with only natural and pure ingredients.
Based on extra virgin olive oil, essential oils, medicinal plants and a lot of natural active ingredients for all tastes and skin types.

The recipe of our soaps:
⦁ Italian extra virgin olive oil
⦁ vegetable oils from ethical supply chain
⦁ extracts from medicinal plants collected from wild sources
⦁ pure essential oils and dye plants
⦁ fair and sustainable ingredients
⦁ distilled water (or beer!) and soda, which vanishes in the soap after production
⦁ no ingredients derived from petrochemicals

We mix the ingredients with love and passion following our traditional method of saponification, supported by modern technology only in the final stage of quality control. We process the mixture slowly and, once we obtain the „tape“, we let it drain in wooden moulds where it is left to ripen in a natural way. After being cut, the soap is ready for use: its smoothness and its scent of nature will surprise you and your skin and our earth will thank you.