Organic Lemon essential oil

Extraction method: cold pressing of the fruit peel

Aromatic note: fresh, green, citrus

Aromatic profile (action on mood and moods):
brightening, activating, calming. Recommended in case of confusion and anxiety.

Lemon essential oil has a formidable bactericidal power, it is very useful from the first appearance of flu symptoms such as colds, coughs and sore throats. Antibiotic and hemostatic properties prove useful in case of infected wounds and cold sores.
It is an excellent toning agent for oily skin, in fact it helps to balance the sebaceous glands and minimize the production of fat. It also has lightening properties, which is why it is suitable for skins with sun spots or old age.

Our lemon essential oil comes from a historic Sicilian company, founded in the late nineteenth century by the pioneer in the citrus processing industry in Sicily. The secret of its success lies in the combination of environmental protection and innovation: the company’s efforts are in fact aimed at protecting biodiversity and at the same time continuously investing in scientific research.

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Active ingredients


Antiseptic, lightening and calming.


Citrus limonum fruit oil (puro 100%).

How to use

Use in cosmetics (action on the skin, suitably diluted):
oily skin, lightening and protective action of the capillaries

Some examples of use
CANDLE-BASED BURNER: 3/4 drops in 3 tablespoons of water.

FIREPLACE: a few drops on two or three logs of wood about ten minutes before lighting the fire.
POT-POURRI: add a few drops to almond oil. Mix the potpourri with the mixture, checking the pleasantness of the result before adding more. 6 drops per 200 grams of potpourri are sufficient.
HUMIDIFIER: 6/7 drops in the appropriate ampoule.
HEATER TRAY: 7/8 drops per 300 ml of water


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