Hyaluronic Acid

Anti-aging pure active obtained through bio-fermentation – Multi-molecular weight

Our bestseller, the anti-aging product par excellence!

Let’s talk about the famous and super effective hyaluronic acid, a high performing active made of different, mixed molecular weights: extremely low, low, medium and high molecular weight.
Let’s discover together the benefits of this precious anti-aging treatment!

Low and extremely low molecular weight penetrate deep in the skin. They are fundamental and guarantee the plumping and lifting effect, which wouldn’t be possible with high molecular weights only.

On the contrary, medium and high molecular weights, equally important, work on the surface of the skin and assure hydration to the part most threatened by external agents.

We can define this product as a focused treatment against wrinkles, in order to confer an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect while reshaping face and décolleté.

IDEAL FOR: skincare
30 ml
PRICE: 7,90 €

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Active ingredients

Hyaluronic acid

Hydrating and elasticizing.


Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Dehydroacetate

How to use

Apply it morning and evening onto cleansed face.

You can use it in two different ways:

  • Pure, instead of or before your face cream. Apply 2 drops of product directly on your face and rub it until completely absorbed.
  • As a booster. Add 1 or 2 drops of product to your favorite face cream or serum. It will improve the efficacy of the cream or serum and make its texture light and easy to spread!

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