Without dreams, nothing is possible

La Saponaria organic cosmetics tell a story of wonderful and effective ingredients, good for your skin and for the environment, sustainable projects and many people who dream of a better world.

Fair-trade production chain

The fair-trade production chain stamp certifies that at least one of the ingredients contained in the product comes from internationally-certified FAIR TRADE projects.
These are organic raw materials that come from far away (Sri Lanka, India and Peru), for which a fair salary has been paid to the workers involved in the production process. In most cases, the proceeds are reinvested in local communities, for social or self-entrepreneurial support projects.


Every product made in our workshop is the result of the passion and work of real people, who transmit their energy and positivity in what they do. They are handmade organic cosmetics, formulated and created with care and love, to offer a high quality standard. Find out more about our team and the people that make La Saponaria products!

Organic cosmetics

All our products are certified as organic, a guarantee of safety, with benefits for those who use them and for the environment, thanks to the low environmental impact of the ingredients employed. The “Organic Cosmetics” logo is issued by an external certification body (CCPB) that periodically checks that our products are actually natural, that the indications on the labels are true, and that we really use organic raw materials in our recipes. CCPB analyses each product and checks the entire production and ingredient supply chain, before allowing the logo to be applied on the label.

Fair price

High quality products at affordable prices that respect the work of all the people involved in the production chain.
We removed any excess from our products (advertisement and complicated, expensive and polluting packaging) to offer them at affordable prices, without having to compromise the quality of the recipes and the raw materials used.

Respect for the animals

The “Vegan” stamp certifies that our organic cosmetics do not contain any product derived from animals.
This is a self-certification very easy to prove: just take a look at the ingredients listed on the label (INCI). Obviously, none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals!

Ethical production chain

The ingredients contained in our recipes have been selected, farmed and processed according to ethical criteria. These cosmetics are made with natural and organic ingredients produced by small – mostly local – family farms or by companies promoting social and labour inclusion projects. La Saponaria supports these projects by paying a fair price for the products (generally higher than the traditional market), and through scheduled supply contracts, to support agricultural sustainability (click here to see some of the projects our raw materials are sourced from).

Do you want to know what ingredients we use to make our products?