Pure Active line – Face

The last, natural frontier of anti-aging products

A line of pure actives with a shared characteristic: the anti-aging action. Four extremely pure and effective products as allies in the battle against wrinkles. That’s right, the actives composing this marvelous line fight wrinkles and perform various specific actions on the skin, satisfying its needs.
They present themselves as serums with a watery, light texture and they are perfect for every skin type, young and impure or mature and dry.

A rich line of pure, high-performance products. Choose the most appropriate one for your skin:

  • Hyaluronic acid -> anti-aging + moisturizing + lifting effect
  • Coenzime Q10 ->  to fight free radicals and to restore lipid barrier
  • Eco-fermented serum -> anti-aging + anti-blemish + smoothing effect
  • Phyto-retinol -> anti-aging + regenerating + lifting effect
  • Plant-based collagen -> anti-aging + plumping + tensing effect
  • Niacinamide + Zinc -> ideal for combination and impure skin
  • Vitamin C -> restorative and antioxidant pure active

A pure gesture, and you’ll shine again!

  • Peeling AHA


    Hyaluronic Acid

  • Coenzyme Q10

  • Eco-fermented serum

  • Plant-based collagen

  • Phyto-retinol

  • Niacinamide + Zinc

  • Vitamin C

  • Rose hip Oil