Inner line – Hair

Shining hair is rooted in healthy scalp, so with INNER products we take care of both!

They contain prebiotics that help the micro-organisms that live on our skin to protect, strengthen and rebalance the scalp microbiome and a mix of natural active ingredients with extraordinary effectiveness on hair, from roots to tips.

Even the packaging is green: bioplastic, glass and cardboard. Because we love your hair, but also the planet!

• Chicory Prebiotic: protects, strengthens and balances the skin microbiome
• Nettle extract: fortifying, purifying, anti-dandruff
• Mint essential oil: stimulates the hair follicle and promotes hair growth
• Lavender hydrolate: helps to fortify and give shine to hair
• Hamamelis hydrolatum: promotes the microcirculation of the scalp, moisturizes and soothes
• Aloe gel: moisturizing, soothing, stimulating
• Natural vitamin E: nourishes the hair and protects it from oxidative stress
• Hemp oil: moisturizes, protects and strengthens the scalp
• Argan oil: nourishes, regenerates, restructures the hair in depth.


    Solid shampoo – purifying and anti-dandruff

  • Solid shampoo – reinforcing and soothing

  • Solid Conditioner Disciplina – shine and anti-frizz

  • Solid Conditioner Forza – restructuring and nourishing

  • Wondermask Hair polishing & moisturizing effect

  • Wondermask Hair restructuring and stimulating effect

  • Wondermask Hair volumizing & anti-pollution effect

  • Scalp scrub, purifying & stimulating

  • Vegetable crystals

  • Curls amplifier cream

  • Anti-Dandruff and detox scalp lotion

  • Soothing and moisturizing scalp lotion