Hennetica line – Hair

Mix of dyeing herbs to get an intense and natural colour as well as to add beauty, shine and volume to your hair.

We have created a real 100 % organic beauty treatment, composed of 7 mix of dyeing herbs and a purifying pre-colour Shampoo, a magic union that gives the hair brightness and beauty. We travelled up to India to discover the best herbs, which are cultivated in unspoiled environments by Phalada respecting the principles of organic farming and fair-trade.

Phalada gathers many small farmers and guarantees them a source of sustained income and the possibility to relieve chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides, often really expensive!). Phalada’s unique principle is to ensure humans and nature’s respect.
Dyeing herbs do not contain Sodium Picramate, Ammonia, metal salts and any chemical additives, in order to not damage our hair and our Earth.

Choose the most suitable dye for your hair, thinking about desired streaks and just follow the easy instructions in the box to have goddess hair and aware karma thanks to our fair-trade project! 100% FAIRTRADE

Free from:
⦁ sodium picramate
⦁ ammoniac
⦁ metal salts
⦁ chemical additives