Flaxseeds line – Hair

Flaxseeds, organic products, effective and sustainable for healthy and shiny hair.

We worked for many years to create wonderful products which use the power of nature and no chemical substances.

The shampoo produced in our laboratory is one of our best-selling products and it is used by the best eco-friendly hair salons in our zone.
Our hair line is made of simple and pure recipes based on organic flaxseed oil and formulated only with eco-friendly ingredients.

Every formula has been created for giving every hair type exactly what it needs, in order to have healthy and shiny hair in a natural way!

Our guarantees:
⦁ 100% natural ingredients
⦁ Zero petrochemicals
⦁ Ingredients from ethical and fair supply chains
⦁ Eco-friendly and concentrated formulas

Some active principles:
⦁ Oil and extract from flaxseeds
⦁ Extract from moringa
⦁ Panthenol
⦁ Oligosaccharides from selected fruits
⦁ Shea butter
⦁ Aloe gel
⦁ Wheat protein
⦁ Essential oil from tangerine, sweet orange, sage and lemon

  • Organic cold pressed flaxseed oil

  • Solid organic shampoo

  • Leave-in conditioner with moringa and flaxseed oil

  • Organic conditioner with Moringa and Lemon

  • Organic conditioner with Moringa and Sunflower


    Extra virgin olive oil shampoo

  • Sage and Lemon shampoo

  • Sunflower and Sweet Orange shampoo